How soon shall I text her again and make plans?

I recently got a girl's number that I've fancied for a while. At one point we went nearly two weeks without seeing or texting one another before she initiated contact and mentioned getting coffee. We done coffee about a week later and it went really well.

When we do chat she always leaves the last text and there is always a winking, smiley or a blushing emoticon in there, which indicates some sort of attraction beyond just friends. I say this as she has told me she has a lot of guy friends, more guy friends than female friends. You won't be winking at or blushing at a guy you want to place in the friendzone, right?

This past Tuesday - 3 days after our coffee date - I asked if she was available this Saturday as there is a band she likes playing at a local bar she told me she likes. She said she already had plans but she would have loved to have gone. I jokingly told her to stop being so busy and that I'll get her out again next time. She laughed, said sorry for not being able to make it and agreed that we will make a plan soon.

I haven't sent her a text since nor has she sent me one. Now, how soon do I text her again to arrange another get together? Or, should I give her some time and see if she makes contact and mentions another meet up? I don't want to be too pushy with regards to getting her out, but I also want to gauge her interest levels.


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  • wait a few days and find another opportunity that she couldn't deny, but don't try too hard. Then send her a message like, Im going there, and then I remembered of you, would you like to join me? I think it will be nice. If she denies again, sorry she is not into you and you shouldn't try anymore, that a sign. Wait her to come after you or move on :)


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  • it is pretty soon since Tuesday passed wait until afte Saturday. But make sure you go see the band. If she contacts you first she will ask you how it was. Even if she doesn't once you let a couple of days go by after seeing the band tell her it was a great show! I wouldn't bring another female with you to see the band unless it's your sister, because then she will think you are trying to make her jealous and if she feels that way you lost her. Just let her know, read he cues, that it would have been fun with her!! Don't say better but just say fun.


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