Is he cheating on me?

My boyfriend didn't log out of his Facebook on my laptop last night. When I got on, it was still pulled up on his messages. I was about to click off of it when I saw he had messaged his ex, along with several other girls. The conversation that caught my eye was one where the girl had said 'text me bae.' I opened the conversation, only to see that he had been calling her babe and baby, the whole emoji kiss face and everything. The only message I actually read was her saying she wished she could be in bed with him, to which he had replied, 'I know, me too'

The only thing is, he lives with me and she is in a different town hours away. This is really stressing me out and I don't know what to do


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  • He is looking for some type of affection else where from you - yes, that is considered cheating or at least "on the verge of cheating"... I would cut the relationship right there.
    How long has this been going on for?
    If he had any problems in your relationship with him he should have talked to you in order to work on them...
    Everyone has their own love language and it seems like he is not getting something in your relationship, other wise he wouldn't be talking to other females. He may think it is harmless in his mind because she is not local but at the end of the day - the heart grows fond with distance or not.

    • I would normally post my own opinion but you took the words right out of my brain =O...

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    • The conversation was from August 7th, and then there was nothing until September 20th. There hasn't been anything between us, not that I would see as a problem anyway. We've been together for a little over three months.

      Last night before I went to sleep I was cuddled up to him and I said, 'Don't hurt me..'
      He replied with 'you know I would never do anything to you!!!' and I said 'I don't mean physically... don't hurt me'
      He got quiet and then he said 'Well I don't wanna do that either, you don't hurt me neither.'

      I told him 'I won't if I don't have to...' He asked what I meant but I decided not to say anything else.

    • If you want to continue on in the relationship I don't believe the best option is to sweep what you saw under the rug. It is okay to tell him that you saw his conversation. It really is just all about the approach. One day when you two are having a GOOD day say you have to tell him something... It really isn't a discussion unless he wants it to be. Just let him know though, start with that you are not looking to argue but you just want him to know... Tell him exactly how you told us... "You left your Facebook open on my computer the other day and I saw you having a conversation with so and so... I did read the conversation and honestly I am at a lost of words. I don't want to argue. I love you and want this relationship... I just need you to know that I know and if there is anything you want to tell me, now would be the time. Is there anything in our relationship that I am not picking up on but we need to on together?"

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