Will he contact me this weekend, is he interested or am I thinking too much into it?

So went out with this guy, he randomly text me and we went off roading in the mountains this past Saturday and had a blast with another guy and girl. The next day he text and ask if I want to go watch football and grab food, so we do, play pool, great conversation--everything was great!

I text him and thank him for the weekend and that I had fun he said You're welcome, I had a great time as well! I totally have a crush on you and id love to take you on a date sometime, so if thats in the cards let me know what ya think. Sleep tight!! ... That was Sunday night

So Monday I respond and say its definitley in the cards, we chat a little through text--then I text him happy birthday (Thursday) and he responds with just a simple thank you!!!

NO MORE CONVO initiated... am I thinking too much into it? Is he interested and just trying to not seem too interested or does this sound bad? HELP I like him!


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  • I mean if it's his birthday, he might be busy celebrating and doesn't feel like he knows you well enough to invite you as a date? He may just wait a little while to ask you because you've spent a lot of time together in a short period of time and he probably has other things to do! Give it a week and a half/two weeks before you get worried about it and text him.


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