What am I supposed to think of this guy?

Okay, I am really confused by this guy I've been dating lately. We started out as friends, then we developed feelings for each other and told each other about these feelings. But because I was going to move to another city and because of the slight age difference, he had some reservations about a long-distance relationship. So we decided to stay friends. However, we met again and ended up making out. This resulted in two other dates before I left, in which we had sex. He said the sweetest things to me, like me being the best thing that happened to him in quiet a while and I do believe he meant it. Since I left, we texted every single day and talked quit a couple of times via skype. When I asked him, he told me he missed me a lot. I am going back to my old town next week and we are going to see each other again. I should mention that he seems to enjoy spending time with me, because we usually spent an entire weekend together and we also talk for hours and don't just have sex.
The reason I am really confused right now, is this: I asked him to fill out a questionaire for a study I am conducting, and he said his marital status was single. He also claimed to not have been in love with someone in quiet a while. I asked him, how I fit in this picture and if I was just a booty call. He said no, I was a lady he was going out with and who he enjoyed spending his time with regardless of us having sex. I do want to believe him, but can I? What do you think? What should I do? I am pretty sure he is not seeing anyone else, but I think this might not go anywhere...


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  • Well you need to figure what you want then tell him so that you guys are on the same page. If you think you'll start falling for him and that you'll want a relationship, then let him know. You must make sure that all lines of communication are clear.

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