Meeting some younger girls and interested in dating having relationship them and ON ONLINE DATING?

ok I 37 single guy I tend to be on the shy side I know I am not the best dressed or best looking or even have a lot of money or the brightest
I am very hard working, honest, and loyal I really never go out much do to my 2 kids but when they go to there moms for the weekend I have free time to do stuff
any way I very attracted to younger girls. do to the fact I am not the smartest or best looking I just go after average looking or blow average girls and generally no more then a high school education or less I avoid any girl 18 to 23 or college educated or to the to use the old cliché the hot girl.
I just want to know what are some places to meet younger girl I have tried bars coffee shops book stores even though I don't like to read much I am not in to working out and I hate sports. online dating sits they have never worked. I don't write or spell very well and don't look like a million bucks. I do have hobbies I am in cars hotrods , cooking, hunting camping fishing, guns, beekeeping and a lot of other, things

I would rate my look below average do to my weight I can't stomach working I am not going to do it


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  • Look. You're not gonna be very attractive to much younger girls due to you being older and already having kids. Most girls my age look for something different.
    I would really go for women your age. I doubt you'll have much like online. You could possibly try tinder, that's where a lot of people are these days, but as I said most women that age look for something else

    • i was told to look for younger then my age do to the fact i want more children women my tend to not want more kids

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    • well why don't you look for another single mom then?

    • i have tried and being with a single mom is not a problem with me just find some who will want to have more kids with me whether be with a single mom or not

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  • even average or below average girls in their 20s can do better than you

  • Dude what the fuck?

  • You're best bet is probably 27-32 year old chubby single moms who like outdoorsy stuff. Do your kids do Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts/4H, etc? Becoming a volunteer for programs or something may help you meet lots of moms.


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