Ok guys is he bored of me or what?

So i have been with my bf for two years. We live together. I know he's a hard worker so he dosnt always have time to text back but when he's home he's always on his phone wth? Am i boring or is he just a busy guy?


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  • How about finding out who he's on the phone with all the time.

    • I dont want to invade his privacy, plus he lets me answer his phone sometimes.

    • Well some people are just hooked on their phones. All you have to do is look at the questions on this site and it's all about people texting each other. No one ever talks anymore. The question now is , is he more interested in staying glued to his phone, or you? I would let him know he needs to make up his mind.

What Girls Said 1

  • You guys live together, that's amazing! You'll have so many opportunities to show him ur love, something I can't coz I don't live with my BF, and we haven't met in months! I'm only surviving on hope. So, I think u r a very lucky girl, and i think you should make the most of it, not by expecting him to show u love, but only focusing on giving him all the love and understanding you are capable of. Giving is beautiful:) I wish I could be in ur shoes (with my BF of course!)

    Good luck :)