Blind date with a police officer

my friend set me up on a date with a cop for tonight. I need help. what should I wear? what kind of questions should I ask him. I'm shy so its hard for me to speak with guys. any suggestions on how to act and what to say or don't say...


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  • It's normal to talk about work with a date, but I agree that you should perhaps avoid making it the only conversation topic. Ask about his hobbies, his family, the last book he read, where he went to college,

    If you don't know what to say to guys, here's a magic tip: ask about their opinions, experiences and feelings (yes, men have them, too!), and _closely listen_ to what he says rather than simply waiting for a pause to start talking. Too many women confuse "communication" with "conversation," assuming that if someone is talking they must also be communicating. Not true. Listen to what he says, and prove you're listening by asking open-ended follow-up questions about things he's already mentioned. Such as, "You mentioned that you liked Movie X, do you like anything else that featured those actors?"

    When I meet a rare girl who doesn't dominate the conversation, and actually seems to give a damn about what I say, I'm very impressed.


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  • Speaking from my professional background, just relax and be yourself.

    Police Officers receive extensive training in identifying deceptive behavior. Lying is easy to pick up on, but if a person is putting on a front, that can be tougher to identify. But, because that is part of the job, they learn how to pick up on that sort of thing quickly.

    So be yourself, even if your shy. If it's the honest you, he'll see that and it won't be a problem.

    Also, I'd stay away from asking him a bunch of questions about his work. Usually the only people who have a stomach for anything seen on the job are other officers, crime scene personnel, and maybe a prosecutor or two.

    Plus, if all your questions start sounding like you're interogating him about his job, it can be a turn off. And really, that applies to anyone. You're on a date, so keep it a date, don't make it an interview.

    If something comes up about his work, there's nothing that says you can't ask a question or two, but what I'm talking about is lining up a series of questions over the topic.

    Most of all, no matter what his job is, he's a human. Treat him as such, and it will go a long way.


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