How do I get into the dating scene?

I've never been in a relationship and I want to know how to.


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  • U just need to get out and meet people. Don't start on line get used to guys first and get to know how they think because u will be vulnerable at first x

  • I assume Tinder or a dating website would be the easiest if you're 17. Once you turn 19(in Canada) you can start hitting up bars and clubs. I'm not even trying to get a GF in high school right now, pretty sure I couldn't even if I tried though.

    • why do you say that?

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    • I have tried that, I've talked to average girls, most of them are already taken though. The only girls I might be able to date are girls I consider unattractive, and there needs to be some physical attraction for me.

    • that makes sense but try some other means of attraction

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