I have a fear of commitment, should I just give having a relationship a shot?

Hi so I have never had a girlfriend and not because I have not had the opportunities to, but because I am afraid of commitment. I know somewhat of what I want, I want a sweet Christian girl that shares the same sense of humor as me. The problem is I don't know mch about what I want after that and I fear if I commit myself to someone, I may end up figuring out I actually don't want to be with them and I really do not like breaking peoples hearts. But I guess thats just the risk you have to take in a relationship.

Am I right or wrong about this?

There is a girl Im talking to now and I can tell she wants a relationship with me and I kinda do too but these fears are stopping me, should I just go for it and take a risk?

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  • Because you like her and want to be more than friends, you probably should give it a shot. You like each other. You cannot guarantee that the relationship will last forever and you will get married.


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  • From experience, I would say no. It can be tempting to "just try" when you're stuck in a rut and nothing is happening, but you can't force something like that, especially when deep down you already know the outcome. I think you should meet new people and grow as a person, you can overcome a fear of commitment but dating someone you're afraid to commit to isn't the way of doing it. Think, are you tempted to say yes because you think she deserves a yes, because she's nice and you have stuff in common? You should want to say yes not because you want her to be happy, but because you genuinely want to.

  • Build a friendship with these people first. Feel them out. In a few months time, if you can see yourself in a relationship with them, it's worth a try... Just don't jump straight into it. Give yourself time to decide.

  • Relationships are bullshit and someone always ends up getting hurt


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