Am I being pushy or rushing things?

I am a confident person and can sometimes be blunt, but I also know how to be patient. It is just who I am and it works for me. However, when it comes to dating new people I wonder if I am being too "pushy." I want to be myself but I don't want to come off as rushing things because I got ahead of myself.

I have recently started seeing a guy for about the past week and a half. We have seen each other twice now and I feel like it goes well when we are around each other. But I feel like I am always starting the conversation and pushing to see each other. But when I do start a conversation, he replies and asks questions back. I also know that when he likes someone he waits for them to talk to him. With all of that being said, I still worry that I may be coming off in a way that is unflattering and not me. How often should I talk to him? What is normal in this situation? I feel like I am taking the lead, which I am fine with but it is something new to me - so I don't know my limits.


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  • Honestly, I've never followed any rules for how often to contact each other or anything like that, not when everything is going well and people are still responding.
    I say just send him a message when you feel like saying hi, or when you have something specific to say or talk about.
    If you're sending several with no response from him, THEN I'd say you're doing too much.
    But if you're texting him daily and things are going well, keep that flow going.
    He likes you to come to him, so he's probably loving the fact that you are.
    Keep the conversations going, keep getting to know each other better and after another week or so, ask him to do something.

    Best of luck!

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