If I am sick, why does he still want me to come over?

I feel sick as a dog. Like I have a fever and strep throat. I had plans tonight with the guy I am seeing and we were going to do dinner and a movie but, ugh. I am sick. So I told him and he told me to still come over... While I want to because I don't see him often, I just feel like poo...

Why would he want me to still come over. (._.)
I will look sick, (a) and I will be little fun, (b).


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  • He wants to cheer you up.

    • Point noted. I could use some of that.

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  • Maybe he likes you so much that he doesn't care if you're sick?
    "... through sickness and in health..."
    So romantic.

  • He's either horny as hell or he wants to take care of you :-)

    • Ha. Who knows... that may be the medicine I need. *smirks* jk.

    • Theeere you go, all ready to get better ;-)

  • Why he no come to you :( you sick and he energized to make feel better. Sad thinks i.

    • For real lol. I live with my madre though. She will say "No Way Jose!"

    • So ur over 18 and can't have some guy over because your sick... im.. wow im speechless ha

    • Well if I want to be watched like a hawk. Besides, I doubt a grown man, twenty - seven, wants to sit with me and my mother when originally we were supposed to have a nice date lol.

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  • Tell him to come to you. You're the sick one. Lol

    • For real lol. I live with my madre though. She will say "No Way Jose!"

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    • I am totally considering it if he is cooking and has hot tea... Hmmm.

    • There ya go. Decision made.

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