So I have a crush on this guy and?

I have a crush on this guy and we're pretty close friends. We met at drama club last year ( grade 9) and we slowly got to know each other. He's not an asshole at all! He's actually one of the nicest people in our school. Really, really nice. He looks nice physically but his personality is even better! I do, however know that he doesn't like me. No one does :P and im pretty sure it would be more obvious if he did. He randomly messaged me one day asking me why I dont talk to him and stuff and it was really random. Like it was totally out of the blue sort of, but it was funny, and I know it was him. He's like me. He makes Harry potter references and he likes computers and stuff! ( he's in my computer science class). He's also weird. :) In a good way, so I get to be myself when I'm around him. He messages me on Facebook asking for help with stuff from computer science and then from there we talk about other stuff. At school, if im talking to his friends and stuff, he joins in on the conversation and stuff and then we sort of end up talking to each other rather then the rest of our friends. I enjoy those conversations. He's really understanding but I know he won't like me back. :/ Should I still give it a chance? My friends that he's not close with and I are deciding to go to the movies tomorrow and they keep telling me to ask him to come with us but I don't know if I should. I know he'll say no but it's just the part of asking him in the first place. He knows my other friends but he's only close with me. We're going to the movies so that my friend can hang out with her boyfriend ( my best friend ) so he has another guy to talk to but Idk. I need help. Do I give it a chance or not? and if I should, should I ask him to come with my friends and I to the movies? If yes, how do I do it?


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  • You've got self-esteem issues. Why wouldn't he like you? You're into the same things as he is, and you are an interesting conversationalist. Only reason not to ask him is that one of your 'friends' might poach him.

    • ohh no, my friends won't do that. They're twins. One has a boy friend and the other one likes my other guy friend :P.

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    • I'm not obese, I just have braces and glasses ( so does he but they look weird on me). And I do have acne but im trying to control it.

    • Meh, many people have glasses and braces, and acne will eventually moderate when you get older - if not almost completely disappear.

      Don't worry about it, tell him you're going to a movie and you'd love it if he came along.

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  • He seems to enjoy your company enough, so why wouldn't he go to a movie? That could be a good way to find if he's interested too. How are you even sure that he doesn't like you? I mean obviously he has to like you in a way if he talks with you.

    • I'm hoping he comes. :/ I may hint it to him and hope he says something about it. I'm really scared. He has no idea that I like him and I feel like if he discovers i like him, stuff migt be awkward if he doesn't like me back. I'm just really scared.

    • Don't be. Just don't be, nothing bad will happen as long as you stop worrying.

    • Both of the answers were really helpful! But I could only choose 1 :/ Thank yo, though!

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