Do you belive that the amount of exe's someone has reflects on the quality of that person?

I think that it's half and half. It takes two to tango and a person could of maybe broken up with the majority of their exes instead of the other way. But on the other hand that person could have problems with relationships in general and gets dumped often. I also think that if a person were to get dumped often or dump others often then they would learn from their mistakes. But then, some people seem nice at first but show their true colors after the " honeymoon" phase of a relationship.

Also how many exe's are too much in your opinon? :)
I think 15

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Spelled "believe" wrong I know x-x


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  • They may have just been unlucky or chose badly but too many would indicate they may have commitment issues. Ask how the relationships they've had actually ended and that will tell u a lot x


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  • I don't think so at all.

    It's more about how each relationship ended, not the sheer number of ended relationships.

  • I don't even have to read that wall of text as it literally means nothing, that's a fact.

  • Nah, I don't think so. I guess I would have to know what their exes were like... but I have many exes, it just simply didn't work out.

  • No i think what matter the mist what kind if realtionship they had


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