Is it normal to compare your boyfriend to other men?

I've been with my boyfriend for almost only a month now and he's not the type of guy I usually go for. My previous relationships were all with guys who ended up being liars and all. My current boyfriend is the sweetest thing, but sometimes I feel like he's too nice. Since I'm 4 years younger, he treats me like his little sister almost and talks to me in a baby voice most of the time. I know he treats me like a queen but I keep comparing him to the more mature guys in my environment. He's 21 and not in school, he doesn't drive, and it's as if he's bothered when he pays for my food when we go out ( I always insist on paying for myself). I also had lunch with his parents and they're a bit rude. It's important for me to be comfortable with my boyfriend's family and I just don't feel it. Advice? Something? Hah.


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  • He talks to you in a baby voice most of the time? And you allow that?

    He does sound immature, even though you're the younger one.

    What do you mean about his parents being rude?

    How did you meet him?

    • They were just very dry and it's almost as if they didn't approve of me.

      I met him on social media.

    • That baby voice thing just sounds weird.

      I'm kinda surprised you're still going out; you certainly don't sound enthused about him.

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