Guys: what goes through your head when you think of a relationship vs a casual thing?

basically, how would you treat a girl in either scenario? if you knew the girl wanted more and you're not ready, would you end it? if things get dramatic (jealousy on either, both sides), it's probably because of feelings involved and is more of a relationship, right? if you had a casual thing that ended terribly, why would you get back in touch with that person? also, how often are you in touch with a relationship vs. casual thing? is there a difference in the compliments you give, information you share about yourself?

  • if it's dramatic and some one tries to come back afterward, they probably want more
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  • one person still probably wants to use the other one
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how do guys act when they're serious?


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  • That is a very confusing series of questions, but back to the point. It is really dependent on the guy. When it comes to how you treat a girl, when I'm serious or casual, I treat her the same as if I was going to have a serious relationship later on with her. I put her first and keep and other girls/possibilities to the side. If things got dramatic it shows that at least one of the two are important to the other. If something casual ended terribly for me, I wouldn't feel inclined to get back in touch with the person unless they showed that they wanted to. For keeping in touch, casual would be 3-4 days out of the week and serious would be 5-6 days. About compliments it would roughly be the same, but for information it is very different. A little deeper information I would probably never share unless things got really serious. Keep note that I believe most guys are different from myself. Also I voted A. Best of Luck!

    • so what are the best things to look for to see if he wants a relationship this time?

    • It can come down to loyalty, honesty and how well you guys are together socially.

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  • relationships wouldn't work for me, iam too selfish. i find the whole courting ritual a complete waste of time as have been all my relationships. the thought of handing over power to a woman sickens me

    • it shouldn't be about power... I don't know what kind of relationships you were in but relationships are supposed to be loving, caring, and supportive partnerships.

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    • so then you're both saying relationships are pointless?

    • speaking for myself, whether you believe me is entirely up to you

  • I don't do casual, so I wouldn't know the difference.

    • I really don't understand casual relationships either

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