I've been seeing this guy, what do these signs mean?

we've been on what I guess you could call three dates, and they've all gone really really well. we had sex on the third one, but we have a history so it didn't feel wrong and he in no way pressured it, he in fact apologized if it was going to fast. he's very considerate of me and always wants to make sure we do what I want to do, he holds me in public and kisses me hands sometimes. he is always looking at me in the eyes and the other night said I was just really beautiful, and it didn't sound like a line or corny. however, when I slept over at his place and got up to leave in the morning (he was still sleeping) I asked him about hanging out this weekend but he told me he was going to be really busy, so I just said ok, just call me then and I left it at that. I don't want to seem needy, but I felt a little brushed off by that, am I just being paranoid? everything is great when we're with each other, but he's just so busy that I'd like to hear from him more (we've been seeing each other like once a week for about three weeks). he has told me he likes me but when I ask what he wants from he he says I don't know. I know he has hang ups from his past so I don't want to push him. I've met most of his close friends, and we talk very openly about how lives together, we know most everything about each other really, at least the important things, like our goals, dreams, etc. I am just having a hard time being able to tell what he wants...

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when you have a history, does it make it harder to start over?
oh and by interested I mean relationship wise...


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  • He very well could genuinely be busy... It's hard to know for sure since that excuse is so common and could completely fabricated just as easy as it could be sincere. If you're worried about it, definitely tell him how you feel next time you see him.

    • he has a full time job and two very time consuming projects on the side, so I do know that he is busy, I guess I just would like more of an explanation maybe, or how often he wants to see me I guess

    • At this early stage of the relationship, I think seeing him once a week is pretty reasonable. If you want to see him more, definitely tell him, and I'm sure he'd find time to meet you for lunch or something sometime during the week.

    • yeah, I guess I'm just scared of coming off needy, I don't want to push him because I know that would just ruin it

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  • Maybe he was busy? you have to be careful about asking what he was doing without sounding like a pyscho.
    Having a history does make it tougher sometimes. On the other had, reminiscing about the good times can lead to a better time.

    • yeah how past was basically he wasn't ready for a relationship because he had just gotten out of one that lasted 7 years and was his first ever. we ended things, but he started calling me a bunch of times this summer and I finally answered and this is how this started.

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  • He wants sex and cuddles and no relationship

    • why do you think that?

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    • If he has asked you to be his girlfriend he isn't going to by now. Men know what they want and they go for it! When they want something bad enough to be theirs they claim the prize. I would suggest you stop having sex with him until he asks or move on.

    • he was the one who kept apologizing when things would go in a sexual direction. I ended up having sex with him because I could tell he wasn't pushing me for it, so I just don't really think it has to do with sex, I think it has to due with anxiety about relationships because he's only ever been in one, for almost 8 years, and it ended really badly.

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