Do Hindus generally wish to date other Hindus?

What are a Pagan's chances with a Hindu? Our beliefs are freakishly similar... SOOO many things in common... but I notice how he never engages in flirtatious activity and he has never dated anyone. His sense of respect for himself and others around him is freakishly high and sometimes I feel as if I were not worth it.

It is actually like no one dares ask him out because he is so freakishly good. So I'm all scared to be the first. I feel like I would be treading on uncharted territory.

He wears an om symbol necklace and has told me that he's Hindu. What is the Hindu tradition with regard to finding a partner, I guess is the question...


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  • I am a hindu too. In hindu religion we are taught to treat every one as god. But there is no restrictions on dating. So dont worry just go for it. He sounds to be a nice guy. So just go out with him.


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  • in my experience Hindus want to date Asian girls :)

  • Yes. People stick to their own kind. It's just easier with culture and stuff

    • damnit... my family is all over the place you see... my dad is christian, my mom is buddhist, my sister is a scientologist... -_-

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