I'm very confused. Can someone assess my night and tell me whether I was on a date or not please?

So I got three tickets to go watch a show. I invited a guy friend if he wanted to go and he agreed, but I couldn't find a third person to come with us. We ended up just going together, but our taxi got caught in some serious traffic and we got locked out of the show. We just decided to walk around the area, we shared a drink, and wound up at a mall where we chatted and hung out for a few hours. When we got back to our college we ended up adventuring on the roof of one of the buildings and it was fun. He walked me back to my building and my roommate is claiming that we went on a date. Neither of us even mentioned that, and I don't know what constitutes a date anyway. Was it? I don't think it started as one, but did it become one? I'm confused.


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  • if he was only interested in the show he woulda went home after u got locked out soooo... assume it was a date :P

  • Kinda, since he walked you back to your dorm. That's kind of a gentlemans thing.

    • Yea he is probably thinking the samething, that it may have been a date. I would ask him if he thought it was.

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