Is he gonna be expecting to go farther the next time we see each other?

So I'm sort of seeing this guy. We are both up front about our feelings for each other, so that's out of the way.
We were studying a few days ago in his room and that led to spooning and watching tv which led to making out. The most i let him do to me was kiss my boobs with my bra and shirt still on, since I'm uncomfortable with my stomach.
The next time I'm over, is he gonna expect to go farther than that?
He's very dominant and I was on the bottom the whole time (which I don't mind, I think dominance is hot) but would he want me on top to switch it up? I wouldn't mind, what do guys like when a girl is on top? (I'm not ready for sex yet though, so what you would want making out with a girl on top?)
Sorry if that's a lot of questions haha.


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  • It depends on him entirely if he wants to go further, no one can really tell you if he wants to (but he'll probably want to)

    I think a girl on top is really really hot cuz it shows she wants it bad. But not if it's just kissing... then it's like putting a toy in a kids hand and telling him not to play with it...

    • Oh ok thanks, I won't go on top then. At least not yet haha.

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