Guys: If you think a woman you love is going to leave you, do you push her away?

why or why not? if she told you she wouldn't leave would you take her back?


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  • My wife used to tell me shed leave me all the time, i would always say "whats stopping you?" Shed be mad cuz it wasn't me trying to stop her :P not at that moment but i knew i treated her so good when she wasn't mad that she couldnt leave me. Risky card for me to play, but being confident in myself pays off for me in times like that. So i neither push away or pull towards, but remain neutral until its myself in the position to decide what i want

    • Every Woman says that everytime they get into a fight once the honeymoon faze wears off

    • Ya, We were a bit of a different case as well. Both with mental health struggles. But we were even still in the honeymoon stage when all that was happening :P but it only got better

    • I kinda meant leaving the country sort of way...

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