Last night I had a dream about a boy?

In this dream, I had never seen the boy in my life, but he was at my school in the schools football jersey. I happened to walk past and I saw him staring at me and telling his friends he was gonna get me (as in like dating.) So he followed me outside to the parking lot and he started talking to me about random things and I wasn't really interested and I went home. Well he followed me home and we talked more, after a while he had to leave. He went home and the next day he followed me in school again. He flirted with me and made me laugh. The next day I saw him around but he was ignoring me and it was the worst thing ever.

After I woke up, and I can't stop thinkin about this guy. In my dream he even told me his name but I can't find him anywhere.

What do you think this dream meant?


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  • Im right here hunny. I said u had a dream about meh didn't u ;3


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