Proper (and respectful) tactics for competing for the affection of a girl... go?

What are some ways to court a girl while competition is trying to catch her eye at the same time? Not a lot of money for any of us (students) and I refuse to be a tool, douche, jerk, or mean. Suggestions? What about what to do if the other guy is a tool, jerk, or mean? If he has money?


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  • If you want her attention then you got to get her to chase you, no matter how appeling something is it's not worth something to you if you don't want it.

    You need to be within her grasp and at the sametime not. Try to spend time with her alone so other guy doesn't run interference, last thing you want is a fight making both of you jerks.

    You have friends, make sure she sees them with you it helps alot, example if you know a lot of people that means you're acceptable to hang with not some crazy guy. Also get along with her friends, a good word from her friends is something you can't buy and is worth a diamond.

    The money part, she doesn't carry about money but what money can bring is adventure! When was the last time you gone on a boat ride, went to a nightclub, jumped to an event in another country, went to eat at a nice restaurant, and etc. You want her to see you in a positive light with all these little adventures, and remember the little inside jokes you two will share creates an us against the world thing.

    I agree with you completely, I also refuses to be mean, jerk, and a tool. What you can do is be confident and firm when you are being tested and pushed; saying calm is a big thing nexts to being not needy.

    The last advice is something you can you and it's my favorite, it's call being passive. Example you and the other guy are wearing the same thing now the other guy just got this big stain on his shirt, who looks better.

    A realistic example would be he is dressed in over sized clothing; you are dressed with clothes that compliment your body. His hair is a mess yours is cut and styled. He hasn't shaved, bad breath, black bags, and you name it. It's very easy to look more appeling then the other guys.

    Start simple he wears t-shirt, you add on a causal blazer. Gl


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