What does different types of kisses mean?

For instance a kiss on the lips, neck, forehead, ear, nose, etc. Please answer truthfully.

For instance if a girl I have been friends with for a long time kissed me more than once on the lips on the first date.


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  • Ok well, to girls kisses mean a lot, they are like the one sign that tells us how much guys like us:

    kiss on the lips: something more is going on then your average friendship, and if it's really deep then you've got something

    neck: intimacy, something special and sexual

    forehead: comfort and just being there

    nose: a cute hello

    ear: it's leading to sex

    and I think if your friend that's a girl kisses you more then once on your first date then she wants to be more then friends and you too feel the same way about her that she feels about you!

    hope that helped : )


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  • Lips (closed mouth) - tenderness, love

    Lips (open mouth) - passion, desire

    Neck - passion, lust. This is definitely an "I want you" kiss.

    Forehead - gentleness, comfort, care, may be non-romantic (I kiss my friends on their foreheads all the time)

    Ear - playfulness, somewhat sexual but not overly so

    Nose - playfulness, fun. I see this kind of kiss most often with couples who have been together a long time and are very comfortable with each other.

  • In my opinion.

    the lips. Means she has been waiting for you to kiss her forever and she really likes you.

    the neck. She is playful and just wants you really bad.

    the forehead. She likes you just as a friend

    ear. She is also playful and she just wants to cuddle and make out

    nose. Actually that one I'm not sure

    stomach and chest. She wants to have sex


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