How do I balance showing the guy that I'm dating interest and not coming across as clingy at the same time?

I just want to show him that I appreciate him

I really had low self esteem from past emotionally abusive guys

He is a gentleman and he respects me

We are not official yet he said he doesn't know but I feel my insecurities come into play because I think he is out of my league.

We have been dating since July.

Like for example if he doesn't text me within a certain hour I'll freak because I feel like I did something to make him mad


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  • i am just like you ! i have damn near panic attacks at times it is so crap..


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  • You automatically show interest when you respond to him. Often times people that aren't feeling it anymore will just find excuses to not do things together, not respond at all, seem bored with conversations, etc.

    Clinginess is in fact freaking out over small things or wanting to spend every waking hour interacting. Other than that, it really isn't considered being clingy/needy.

    • He is such a gentleman and respectful and we had sex already but we talked for a while before we did

      It's just usually I assume since I already had sex with him that he would stop respecting me but he still respects me and he cares about me.

      Yet we are still not in a relationship yet
      Now I'm like super paranoid
      I had to apologize so many times for interrogating him

    • It sounds like he's a good guy, so just have a bit of trust in him since up to this point he hasn't given you reason not to.

      And if you've been dating for nearly 3 months, there's no real urgency to label things. As long as you two are happy and enjoy time spent together, that's what's important!

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  • uhmm just keep it cool, respond calmly dont be clingy... i use to be really crazy because my first boyfriend when i was 16 did me wrong so i use to think all my boyfriends were cheating on me or were gonna do what he did to me.. like i didn't hear from him for weeks then when i finally called him a girl answered and he told me he had a new girl girlfriend so i became so paranoid that it would happen again... so i started acting clingy and needy and paranoid... but you have to get over it...

    • Omg I'm paranoid too
      Something similar happened to me

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    • to keep yourself from acting crazy

    • Ok well I texted him asking him a question
      He is out of town now but he still has not responded yet

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