Why the change? I'm so confused?

Ok so me and my boyfriend have been together for about a month now. At first I told him that I wanted to go slow but he said "I don't want to go slow when I already know what I want and that's you." He would hug and kiss on me all the time and say the sweetest things. But here recently, all of a sudden that stopped. He uses the excuse of..."I don't do PDA" or "it weirds me out because I'm not used to it." Or "I'm not a touchy kind of guy." Well why start off doing that then stop? Its gotten to the point where he doesn't even text me hardly anymore. I was texting him earlier and he replied back with just "ok" every time. I understand he has a lot going on but come on man. I feel like more of just a friend to him at the moment. Why have a girlfriend if you're just going to treat her like a friend? Opinions?


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  • I think there is a lack of excitement in your relationship which is why he has started getting a bit bored.
    Try to plan things out, when you are together talk things which he loves and smile more often when you are with him. Make him laugh and at starting take things slowly.
    Once he again start getting comfortable then only go for the next steps like hugging, kissing.


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