Is she actually interested or not?

So, I met this girl at a social event and I got to get her name and Facebook that day.

Shared around 3-4 short paragraphs of conversation each day until I asked her to 'hang out' with me which I perceived as a date but not sure how she perceives it.

I asked her to a particular event that was not available on Saturday. so I tried ask her if she wanted to meet up on Sunday and also participate in the event I originally planned for someday next week. She said: 'sure! let's do both.' I had a really positive feeling so far.

However on Sunday, she said that she was out of town and hence wasn't able to turn up. Instead she said that she would like to arrange an alternative date which was on Wednesday and I did see her that day and had dinner.

The date went of for two hours of pleasant conversation without any awkward pauses nor phone interactions.

Due to my busy schedule, I didn't talk to her for two days until I tried texting her how she was doing. (got her phone number during first date)

She didn't reply my text for two days, so I tried talking to her on facebook. She said that she didn't read the phone text and she isn't in the habit of doing so. (seemed liked an excuse to me) I replied back and am currently waiting for the next reply from her.

So it seems like she kinda forgot about the second date or maybe there was a confusion?

Additional info: She is new to the country and seems like to travel a lot. Also seems to use Facebook or just social means a lot less than modern human beings.

I am not very experienced so I really don't know if I am bothering her or whether she is just simply putting other stuff into priority at the moment.

I know it is kinda long but the story is interesting in my opinion! Give me your opinions! :)

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What Girls Said 1

  • She does seem interested, she seems to like you but may have been put off by the fact that she didn't hear from you for two days after your first date.
    At this point, you just need to set up the second date.

    Have you heard back from her yet?
    What's the status on everything?

    • It is a bit late but I did have a 2nd date with her. However she said at the start of the date that she had to do lots of uni work so she left after one hour of talk at the cafe.
      Also, I had a birthday party at mine and invited her during the date and tried to confirm her attendance the day after through Facebook on Thursday. She ignored the message until the birthday happened, just wishing me a happy birthday. We haven't spoken ever since

    • I'm sorry to hear that... she seems VERY flaky.

What Guys Said 1

  • She seems to be indifferent.
    Personally, I'd dial it down a bit and see if she seeks me out. If she does, awesome, I take that to mean she's interested otherwise I'll wait a while longer and send another message if we're both online, if there's nothing then I take it she's not interested.

    She's not exactly making much effort to talk to you so I'd say that's a negative sign in that she's not interested enough to make an effort