What can you do with a girl you date over the net?

Well actually I started to chat with this girl over the net, and after a while we found out that there is so much in common between us, and we started to date over the net until now.

we have talked about almost everything: our feelings, the thing we will do in the future, and a lot more.

And now it's like we are repeating ourselves everyday!

what can we do to spice up things a little bit until the time we meet ?


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  • Oh the internet. Well, if you really exhausted talking somewhat. , then you could play some internet games, or trivia. I don't know, make it that each of you takes few pictures for the other one, each day and then post them on a joint blog. This way you make it interesting and exciting for the next day or week. Show each other some links, gadgets. Come on, there's plenty out there:)

    • Lol thnx, it helps but not with all girls

      but it helped though :)

    • :))) you are welcome.

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