Should I risk trying to date one of my best friends? or go for a girl I just met?

Please help, Ill try to make this as short as possible! So Im going to college and I met this girl my freshman year (we are currently juniors) and have gotten really close with her. I hang out with her all the time and have gotten to know her and her family. The thing is though I think she only sees me as a friend, she has dated other guys throughout college and I've gone to parties with her and shell spend time with me but then at the end of the night we always end up with different people. I talked to one of her friends about it and she told me that she doesn't think my friend sees me as a guy she wants to be more than friends with. So on the other hand there's this other girl that I've been talking to lately and I think I might try to date her! but obviously if I start dating her I doubt that shell like me hanging out with my other friend all the time (or more than what I would be hanging out with her). So the question is should I risk asking out my friend and seeing if she wants to be more than friends? or should I just try to get with this new girl? my biggest concern would be asking my now friend to go out with me and ruining our current relationship because she doesn't see things the way I do


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  • I think you should explan whats going on with you to your friend first lifes about taking risks explan you dont want to reck your friendship if she has only seen you as a friend cause you will always be wondering and at least you can close that door of emotions for her if she dosent and fully give the other girl all your emotions if somthing grows from dating her. It may be funny to start with your friend if she only sees you one way but that will pass

    • where do you think would be a good place to talk to her about this? I get together with her to study almost every night, should I do it then? or should I just ask her to go eat someplace and tell her then?

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