I don't feel I want to date. What is wrong with me?

I feel a bit down tonight and feel like I am questioning my life. I'm 25 and have never had a boyfriend. I've kissed and interacted with some guys but most of the time when that has happened I've had a drink and been on a night out so I've loosened up a bit. The chance has also come up where people have wanted to go out with me but I have been so scared so I have always turned it down. I question if there is something wrong with me because there have been very very few guys who I have been attracted to. I don't particularly want to go out with anyone but I feel pressured like it's what I should want. My friend has guys after her all the time and she is constantly bragging about how many guys want her and this just makes me feel worse because I honestly have no opinion. I have to force my self to have an input in conversations because eventually the topic always turns to men.
I do feel that I want marriage and kids one day. Not now but sometime in the future but right now I can't even force myself to want to go out with somebody.
What is wrong with me?


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  • Nothing is wrong with you, I feel the same way.
    It's a tough game to play, sometimes it doesn't feel worth it. I'd much rather court a girl then date around.

  • Hey there is nothing wrong with not wanting a relationship and stuff like that maybe you got some other stuff you wanna do. I am pretty much the same being a full time student and also having part time work leaves me very little time to day but I am pretty ok with that really just means I got other stuff I wanna do before I think about that kinda stuff.


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