How should I ask her out? Should it just be casual or should I do something else?

There's this girl in my class who I sort of like. She and I kinda get along but I tease her all the time. And I don't know why but I have been kinda cold to her but then I always take it back and make her laugh in some way. I just would like to know how to approach this situation and just casually ask her on a date. If she can go out to a movie after class or what. Any tips would be great.


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  • First of all, the next time you've greeted her and exchanged a few sentences, say, "Let's go to Starbucks" or "Let me buy you a Starbucks." If she says oh gosh I have xxx to do right away. In that case you say, "Okay, maybe later," and if you observe closely her response to that, you can determine whether you can in fact ask her again later.

    Keep the conversation light, not too directly personal at first, and talk about things she can relate to. Avoid asking too many questions, avoid complaining, criticizing anything, and avoid saying no when possible. If you feel yourself becoming timid, you can pause the converation and count 10 normal exhalations before speaking again. She may want to fill the conversation void during this little pause with her own comments, so then you pay attention to her and try to keep the talk in her orbit.

    After you chat her up in Starbucks, et cetera, a bit then you can tell her (don't ask these things), say "Let's go see this movie xxxxx." If she presently has no romantic interest, is not gay, has free time at all, and you are not a big funny oaf, she will of course accept your invitation.

  • Auum you got it easy if you can make her laugh. If your interesting to her its a double bonus. So make a joke, followed by teasing then push the question politely.
    Ex. ( joke ) then ( teasing ) after that ask the question like. " hahahah! ( when the laughter sooths) "man what time is it?"
    ( she'll answer) ( you reply saying) " man time flies quickly doesn't it, I was having so much fun." ( some girls know where you going with this. But others don't) " excuse me ( her name ) are you busy sometime this week? ( never ask a girl out a day ahead, plan a week ahead. ) (she answers and may ask why?) " reply, " seeing as though we have so much funny lastly I would like to take you out somewhere." ( while asking keep her on her toes and guessing.) she will ask questions and give you answers but the more the question the worse your chances are.) once you reach the yes mark. Go for the goal.

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