If things ended really badly between you and some one you were seeing casually, why would you go back to that?

what would be your reasons? would you go back because you want more from them or because you want to see if something that ended badly for obvious reasons that needed to be changed wouldn't happen again?

  • I'd go back because I wanted more
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  • I'd go back because I missed them, but still wasn't sure what I wanted
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  • I'd go back just to see if they'd still have sex with me
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I'm hoping it would mean they're willing to at least compromise with regards to what I want?


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  • The only way I would go back is if he wanted something more with me, but he doesn't becasue he is dating someone seriously and didn't tell me, he just stopped talking to me. So I can't say it ended badly it just ended, and I have feelings for him that he obviously doesn't have for me. I will not do another casual, or non committed relationship ever again. Feelings will get involved and someone will get hurt.

    • well I guess my situation is different because I don't think there's another girl involved, he knows I want a relationship, I feel like it'd be cruel to try to come back into my life and not give me what he knows I want, you know?

    • Yes and I thought that too, I took him back before and he did the same thing and it is cruel. If he is willing to work on the reason you guys ended it, and there are no other girls in the picture then I would probably take it slow and give it a try.

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