Does he want to date me or is he looking for sex only?

I met this guy a week ago and we already had two short coffee dates (first was about 30 minutues and second for 40 minutes). He suggested to meet after work around 9. I told him it is late for me (I prefer to go sleep earlier) and suggested him to meet on Sunday afternoon around 2 p. m.

Today (on Sunday morning) he sent me a text where he suggested to meet up for a drink at 8 p. m. So the conversation looked like this:

He: "Good morning (my name), how are you? What about having a drink today about 8. let me know.. (his name) hugs ;)"
Me: "Hi (his name), thanks for the invite, but as I mentioned to you earlier, I can meet today in the afternoon - weather is beautiful. So 3 pm works for me. How about that"

No response so far.


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  • why do you think of sex? and it would be good if you have more interesting dates, not just drink and drink

    • exactly - it was him who suggested drink at 8. I wanted to meet in the afternoon, se we can do something interesting

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    • i think it is not about his time, it is about him wanting probably just get laid

    • and thats why I say that you avoid going to his home for now and ask him to put more effort in the dates. either he will loose interest cause he wants to do as less effort as possible to get laid with you or we will better himself or he will say that you are selfish. when he says that you are selfish then say that you would like to date him and not just have a little talk at the coffee and have a one night stand after some dates

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  • It's all upto u that how u thinks about him... Its not necessary that he may wants sex... Or maybe he called u for dinner to see your dressing at night..

    • Or it depends whats his behavior towards you...

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  • I don't think he wants sex I think he just wants to go on a late date !