How can I be more outgoing?

a new year is coming up I refuse to go through this ever again you see I'm not usually the person who makes the first move in anything but I find that with everyone I know I HAVE to ask them to hang out with me or else I just don't hang out, this summer I gave up and I didn't do anything I just got a few texts and calls nothing more I cried all summer because I was alone and my mom is worried about me she thinks I have anxiety but I know I don't.. I could hang out if I wanted if I wasn't so nervous people would turn me down or say they had other plans I want to be more outgoing I want people to just enjoy my company .. any tips?


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  • Even I used to feel the same way when my friends were not calling me during our vacations & hence would feel the same way as you do. Ultimately I got rid of it by calling them on my own. But then, you will have this feeling as to "why is no one calling me on their own ?". Trust me, it is a trivial thing. You need not worry about such minor things. Just be natural, just be normal. If you feel like calling them & take the initiative, then just do it !

    What is more important is your mixing with friends rather than staying alone & getting anxious and nervous. Remember, if you stay without friends, then the odds are that you will continue to feel distressed this way. Why not continue with your approach which you followed ? There isn't anything wrong with that !

    One more thing, is anyone bothering you in making you realize that "It is you who have to call us ! Ha Ha" or anything like that ? OR Is anyone teasing you like this ?

    • No I just get nervous when I call them becuase I feel like they don't want to be around me or talk to me.

    • Then there is nothing to worry about. These thoughts are just mind games coming into your head because you are alone. These thoughts used to creep in my mind also. The only reason why this happens is because of loneliness.

      Chill ! Don't let this thought(s) bother you ! Call them, mix with them & enjoy ! :-)

    • Thanks ill try :)

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  • hey I'm like you I used to be an out going person and loved from every one people don't stop calling me damn but last year I started to have anxiety disorder and lack of confidence because I had childhood problems and it appeard now .. so I always stay in my room bymyself don't have nothing to do just sometimes see my family and one freind I don't even like to see ppll I feel they will say bad things behind me and I kinda act weird in public places and feel shy though I look good and fit .. I wish you could contact me if you want to thanx I'm really the first one who is going to help you more and more ::)


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  • If your scared your gonna be turned down..then the next time you talk to a friend and they tell you they did something say "oh that's cool give me a call the next time you go il come with you" order to get people to say to hanging out with you, you have to be fun to be around..start takin up offers when people ask to hang out, and I'm sure if you come up with something or wnat to hang out they won't hesitate saying yes