Should I contact him again even though I know he doesn't like me?

I'll try and keep this short. I've been talking to a boy for over a month every night for a couple of hours. Before hand I had known him for 3 years. I've completely fallen for him but he likes another girl and i've known this for 3 weeks. He shows all the signs of liking me whilst liking someone else.

We have so much in common and I love talking to him. He gets invited to parties and so does the girl that he likes. He had a 'thing' with her but she gets with loads of boys and is completely screwing him over by telling him she likes him back and then telling her friends she doesn't care about him at all.

I have my own group of friends who have put up with me talking about him for ages and it upsets me when he pines after her and I tell them about it.

I really really like him and my friend told him because she was sick of seeing me upset. At the very same time, another friend of mine was telling him that he's been leading me on because he made me feel so special etc.

There was a party on Friday night and he got with the girl he likes twice even though she is messing with him and he knows it. Anyway, he apologised for coming across as though he liked me and I apologised for assuming it.

He then said "maybe we should stop talking" and it completely broke my heart. I love him to bits and he's been my first proper crush and it's upset me loads. We usually talk at 9:00pm onwards so do you think I should reinstate a conversation tonight, even though he knows I like him now.

Its playing on my mind and I feel so shit. Help me. I just want to be friends now because I dont want to lose him completely.

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  • Do yourself a favor and let this guy go. Being friends with him is only going to cause friction if both parties don't agree to keep it strictly platonic, and so far you seem to be still invested in him. From experience this kind of 'friendship' never lasts. Trust me, if he rejected you he's not worth the effort. Focus on other things that require your time, or at the very least give that love and attention you have to someone else who cares more about you than him. It's his loss.


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  • you dont want to seem needy and desperate... if he said he doesn't like you then he doesn't like you you just have to move on,