2nd date, awkward end, what now?

First off, I live in Japan, which has a very conservative dating culture. Just a heads up. Anyway, I met a girl online about a month ago. We talked for a few weeks before meeting, and during one of our conversations she mentioned she was looking for something serious, but didn't want to rush into anything, which is cool with me. So we met up for the first date last weekend, had coffee and it continued into a light dinner at a different place. We just said goodbye at the end, no hug or anything, but it went well enough for just meeting someone in person for the first time.

Second date we went to an aquarium and then went to dinner. There was some slight physical contact, she'd touch my hand or arm to get my attention, I'd touch her hand when I was talking or telling a story during dinner. Then, the date ended and we were at the train station. We had to take different lines, so we were saying our goodbyes. I asked if she wanted to do something next weekend and she said yes. Then, she raised her hand to give a little wave and said "goodbye," so I did the same and she sort of reached for my hand. I don't know if she thought I was trying to give her a high five or something, so I thought "there's no way I'm ending this date with a high-five" and went in for a hug. It was quick and then we left after that. I just can't help feeling feeling like it was such an awkward end. I wanted to kiss her, but we were in the middle of the station and some Japanese people are weird about public displays of affection. I don't know her well enough to know how she feels about it. She definitely likes me, since she's willing to see me again, but did I hurt my chances with that awkward ending?


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  • I can't imagine that it would have hurt your chances with her. There are always awkward moments when going on first (or second) dates. I think it's to be expected. You're still getting to know each other and figuring out those boundaries but, if she reciprocated the hug then I'm sure it didn't bother her. Also, if she is still willing to meet up for a third date then that means she is still interested in you. Try not to overthink things or worry about messing up. Just relax and keep doing what you're doing and see where things go:)


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