Should I move on or wait?

so i met this girl about a month ago and she has a boyfriend but they arnt that close anymore because they go to diffrent schools. i started talking to her and she said she really likes me and say she should say yes if i asked her out when she's single. So should i wait for this girl to break up with her boyfriend which could be a long time sense they have been dating for 1 year and 6 months. but should i wait or what?


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  • If you've made advances towards her and she's rejected them, I would say just move on. But if she's accepting your advances, just keep in mind that she might do the same to you when your relationship and hers end up like the one she has now. I'm not saying that she will, but its a possibility.


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  • what do you want?

    • To be with her but its not up to me

    • i mean there a lot of options... if i want something... i want it... i will legit do anything for it

    • But i already tired changing her mind and it worked a little but pretty much she's not gonna end it with him, if he ends it with her