Akward moments with new boyfriend?

I've had this flirtatious thing with my current boyfriend and we've just started dating, but when we're together it seems awkward. I know he likes me and I really like him, he's so sweet over text though and he makes me happy, but we've never even hugged in the five years I've known him. Should I ask for a hug? Why won't he touch me? Advice please?


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  • It's perfectly fine for you to hug him out of the blue if you're comfortable with it.

    If both of you are under 18, then he's most likely just being respectful of you.


What Girls Said 1

  • He is probably just nervous to show affection my boyfriend is the same way. He is sweet when we aren't together but when we hangout he is very distant and he is very shy. He is probably worried that you are not ready for him to show affection towards you yet. If you ask for a hug he will realize he hasn't really hugged you and he should definitely want to hug you because now he knows that your ready. Good Luck :)

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