Is this a normal feeling to have?

So me and my gf go to different colleges. Last night she went out with her roommates nothing out of the norm. We were talking earlier today and she sent me this message saying that she

"had a rugby player who seemed very interested in becoming the bae last night. He was like following me around and asking me if I was okay and making sure I was comfortable hahaha like he offered me a sweatshirt at one point and Kristin and Megan were like "ookaaayy time to go" haha I was trying to be polite but when he was like "I'm sorry, but you have really bright lipstick" I almost told him to stay away from my lips haha

When she was telling me this I was glad but also a little angry at the same time. I was glad that she was telling me this because she felt conferrable and that I wouldn't freak out. I don't really know why I felt angry, I kinda guess because I wasn't with her at the time. Is this a normal feeling to have?


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  • I think most men have a protective instinct concerning their women, so it's natural to feel a little 'overwhelmed' to know someone was trying to enter your territory when you weren't around. But you shouldn't let things like those stay in your mind because as you said, the fact that she is comfortable enough to tell you and joke about it to boot is a good thing. You want to keep that momentum going so she doesn't feel like she can't talk to you or you would freak out and get mad at her, when she is clearly only for you. Good luck!

  • Ya it really is I mean its uncomfortable to hear a story about someone who was kinda hitting on your girlfriend while you weren't there... just be glad she loves you enough to tell you and that she's clearly not interested! :p


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