In the friend zone, help?

I went on a date with this girl I liked at work. It was funny because when I asked her out se said NO first and then called me back and said yes. After the date she said she had a good time but when I tried to kiss her she denied me. Later that week she hit me with the "I like you as a friend" speech. I asked her if she could see us as anything more than friends and she said "not right now". The thing is, she keeps calling me, texting me etc. She also wants to still hang out and when we do she wants to hold hands, touch me and like basically be all over me. Tonight I asked her why she just wanted to be friends. She said that if we didn’t work together, she would defiantly want to be with me and that she really did like me. She also said she was going through a rough spot because of a previous relationship. I understood but then said I did not want to text, call etc with her anymore as "friends" because I thought it would be weird since she obviously knows I like her as more than that. Did I make the right move or should I have stayed friends with her?


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  • You did the right thing.

  • move on and find a girl who likes you the way she likes you.


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