Read this, do you think she's interested?

So im talking to this girl from college, and after a lengthy discusiion i hinted a little about going to a local chinese resteraunt one of the days after college. This is the end of the conversation :
Me: can't beat a chinese

Her: Very true! 4 in 1
Me: Schredded chilli beef

Her: Haven't had it

Her: I had the chicken one
Me: waaaat After college , a chinese

Her: Haha I'm trying to eat healthy now!! Can't be getting Chinese
Me ah 1 can't hurt , you dont need no healthy food

Her: Hahah I'll see :L
I know there's not much to go on, but from any of this do you think she's interested? I really like this girl, but i'm not willing to get too attatched if its clear she's not interested..


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  • that's hard, she could be interested and just being coy with you I suppose but on the other hand 'I will think about it' often means she isn't interested in my experience but she could be shy and not ready for that

    • I agree with her possibly being coy.
      Seems she likes you though super-shy-irish-guy - enough to talk to you and be friendly. Good sign so far!

    • Cool, thanks. I'll stick it out, se how it goes :)

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