If a guy doesn't try really hard at the beginning to make you his girlfriend does that mean he's not into you?

If you know a guy has some anxiety about relationships because of a past experience, but still doesn't try to make you his girlfriend right away (like wants to have pretty serious talks about where things are going within a few weeks) does that mean he's not into you? I've been seeing a guy and things are moving pretty slow, he has told me he likes me though and we have a great time together.

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  • guys take time
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  • if he's telling you he likes you and seeing you consistently, he wants to be with you
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I don't hear from him as often as I'd like so that's part of why I'm wondering, I know he's really busy, but I hope it doesn't mean that he's trying to keep me at a distance?


Most Helpful Girl

  • he could say the same about you. if you all are not hjaviung serious talks it means you have-not brought it yup either... why is it his job. it isn't.

    anyhow its only two weeks, whats the rush? anyone tearing to be your bf at this point doesn't know you well enough to want you.. just wants anyone.

    in a month or so if you want a relationship and he hasn't said anything tell him. if he's in good. if not move on.

    stop worrying about what he's doing or not doing or what it all means./ deal with what you KNOW... which is what YOU want. and work off of that. but id wait a month or two just to make sure you really want him and its not just hormones talking. so you're not leading him on.

    • i chose none of the above bc they are all guesses and about HIM. either discuss what YOU want with him or continue getting to know him. stop guessing.

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  • some men have pride, thats my case, supose i tell a girl i like you be my gf and she says no. thats it end of the story. there are million of women in the world i dont beg love from anybody. if she was in love with me and she said no just to see me "fighting" for her love. i have bad news for her. i never ask twice.

    • he knows I want a relationship I think, just because we have history and that's what I've wanted before, so I hope he came back into my life for that reason, I'm kind of scared to ask I guess

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  • I don't see the problem.
    You're having a great time together, you're having serious talks, and you know he has an anxiety related to entering relationships.
    Just make sure things go the way they are, and when he is confident enough that this will work out in the long run, I'm sure he'll talk about a commitment.