Do I talk to this guy or wait for him to make the first move?

I hate to ask these "what does it mean when a guy does..." questions but I'm at a lost with this guy. He's so hard to read.

Yesterday a friend and I saw this guy I like at the store on campus. And my friend told me he looked in our direction and smiled, but he bit his lower lip to keep from smiling too big. We continued walking but we ended up walking behind him back to his dorm. Whilst walking he glanced back a little and continued walking. This isn't the only encounter I've had with him. In the dining hall he stood across from us but from a distance and he, again, stared in our direction and watched us for awhile.

I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into this situation, but what does all of this mean: Could he like me? He's very quiet and likes to keep to himself. I would love to talk to him but I'm afraid of rejection.

Any sort of insight or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :)


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  • He is attracted to you most probably. But you'll only know for sure if you talk to him and see his reaction. Why are you afraid of rejection? Please, don't be. Things may go well and you'll never know if you don't try. Take a chance :)

    • I think it's mostly because if I know he's not attracted to me, I'll have to stop liking him and move on. And I really don't want to do that. But I will try and talk to him. Do you have any ideas as to how to start a conversation with a shy guy?

    • Of course you don't want to do that. It sucks to move on from something we want. But that's just life and bad things will happen in many ways. If you need to move on, don't take that as a really sad things, you would eventually get over that and take that as a lesson. But don't think about that right now, that's not important.
      Try to ask him something about the campus,... a doubt, for example. And then ask some simple things about him :) You could try to offer him help. Don't think about that too much, in the time it will be easy. You could take your friend with you, so it wouldn't be that awkward, I think it would be more comfortable and easy.

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