Am I becoming an annoyance? (Message included). Does he notice?

So the guy i am dating barely text messages me and that throws me so far off. I dont want to be an annoyance... However, i am often left feeling that way. We have great dates and nights together. He is sharing things he loves with me... But the poor communication is leaving me to question.

Today i sent him this:
"Hey sweetheart. I decided its best for me to stay in tonight and rest. I will probably fall back asleep soon so i just wanted to say goodnight to you handsome. I hope you are feeling better & that you have a seed of motivation that pushes through your evening productively so that you feel fulfilled this Sunday. Good night. :)"

Guys, do you feel smothered by females from time to time that you dont reply? If you aren't a big texter, would be annoyed easily recieving messages ever so often, similar to the one above, from the girl you are seeing?

I only text him 1-3 a day. He is more of a caller...

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  • I think he probably just doesn't like to text. Maybe you can just ask him if he finds it too much when you text all the time, if he says yes respect it, if he says no then text away! maybe after a little while he'll try texting you more regularly too... you never know, he might actually like that you text him like that so he knows you're ok. Just ask and see... Good luck!


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  • ask him if he doesn't like to text. if he doesn't then i dont see why you need to. can't you guys just talk when you see each other.

    you're uncomfortable texting bc he's not responding sail why do it?

    you get through the day fine without him texting so I'm sure hell be ok if you dont text. texting didn't exist a while ago. people still had relationships.. it'll be fine.

    i think texting is causing unnecessary anxiety. whether things will wok out or not I don't know but it should absolutely not be determined by texting. stop testing before you break something ;)

    • I guess i jusy wish there was more talking... I think about him midday where i cannot call him but i want to talk to him. Or i want to say good morning and good night you know? Lol & i wish i could see him more than 1-2 a week. I wish my work schedule and school schedule would aline with my personal life ha.

      Thank you for your opinion. Very good points.

    • hopes it sorts itself out:)

  • I think you're alright. I'm not a guy, but I think if he really gets annoyed, he'll probably let you know :)

    • I hope so :) thank you for the reasurrance

  • i used to be in the same boat as you and it turns out he's just not big on texting. he just doesn't like it. my guy said he rather talk to me later in person about everything i did that day instead of texting all day every day. i think each person is different when it comes to texting.

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