Why doesn't he make more of an effort?

He always used to pursue me and text me first. I was always a little stand offish and pushed him away many time sin the past. We have known eachother for 5 years. we dated, hooked up and had sex many times. We were never in a real official relationship though. he told me ay ear ago he likes me and always has. He always says he wants a future with me and told me his plan is to marry me and brought it up a few times. Everytime I've seen him (over Christmas break and the summer) we have hung out and hooked up. Im just confused where we stand. Does he not make a bigger effort to contact me and talk to me when he's gone because of the distance? And because its kind of unrealistic to start something when he's not here? I do like him and he has feelings for me still. he's moving back in year. do we have a shot?


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  • First off, how long have you guys been apart? Sometimes people may take a few weeks off from the dating scene in order to gather themselves. If it comes to a point where it takes him weeks or months on end to contact you then yo need to talk to him about it. Being silent never helped anyone.

    • i saw him about a month ago last

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