What to do when you find out your best friend and your BF are texting each other?

Today I glanced down at my BF's phone and saw a message that he received from my best friend! I had no idea they had each other's numbers plus my BF and I rarely hang out with her (she's single). Her message said ,"Cool! Have fun!" . I am so upset right now, I can barely contain myself. I want to calm down first before I confront anyone. It might be nothing but still, this is very strange. Any thoughts or advice?


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  • You end it because if you don't they will start something if they haven't already and I promise things will happen between them if you don't stop it. And it's that typical excitement about hooking up with her best friend that and your best friend is probably ok with it and is probably the one pushing it because me from a guys point of view try and avoid my girls best friend because it's the best friends that usually cause problems in relationships. Just my opinion not hate.


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  • You're best friends a man stealer girl! My best friend would KNOW that I had her bf's number. I have two close friends who are dating and we are like the three musketeers. BUT her bf still has a crush on me and she knows it. I know she might be a bit jealous but I have made it VERY VERY VERY clear that I am not interested in him that way. I would not go behind her back with things. She even knows that me and her bf oovoo, just the two of us but we never do anything bad. I'm not that kind of girl haha.

    • We are usually just chatting about everything and nothing and sometimes I help him with ideas of sweet things to do for her.

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    • Yeah this is very fishy - my blood is boiling right now. I don't know whether to cry or be mad... This is awful

    • Yeah, like obiwansmistress said, it's nice to know that the two most important people in your life get along and are friends but it's not nice to know that neither one of them told you about it.

  • My bestfriend and husband have texted each other, and I've texted my husbands bestfriend. Just casual conversations.

    But it's weird that you didn't know, ask them about it.

    • I had no idea they were in contact. There's no reason for them to be conversing unless they were planning a surprise birthday party for me but my birthday was 2 months ago! This is very suspicious...

    • I like that my bestfriend and husband can talk, they are my two most important people, why wouldn't I want them to talk? My husband wanted me to become friends with his bestfriend as well.

      I don't get why they can't talk as long as it's innocent and appropriate conversation.

  • Dump him and slap the shit out of her.

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