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I spent 18 years married to the wrong woman, because we were happy to have someone and not really in love. After we split up we discovered we were just good friends that were lonely. As a result I am 55 and have never had a woman find me attractive even though I have been told that I am hansom. I have tried online dating and going places to meet women, and its as if I am not even there. What can I do to get noticed by women, what is it the are looking for?


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  • Don't listen that guy. Live your life, its time to experience things u want to do and what you wanna go out of life. My mom was in the same boat. But she went on a trip on a boat cruise by herself something she always wanted to do. 3 years later she's with the same man she met on the ship with


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  • Instead of waiting to get noticed by women maybe you should try doing the noticing yourself..
    Does this help?


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  • Do you have kids? If you do go live for your kids.

    I'm gonna be honest here and this is strictly me. If that happened to me, after soo many years I'd probably kill myself if I don't have any kids.

    Not telling you to do that, I don't know what you have in life.

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