I am everything she wants, but it's not enough?

I have been dating a girl for 8 months now. Ever since the first date, we have always enjoyed each others company and we are at the point where we can tell each other everything.
I've asked her in the past what kind of relationship she is looking for and she is all about long-term. We both talked about it and we both want someone who can commit.
I told her that, in my opinion, a relationship will succeed if there is an equal amount of give and receive. If there is too much and not enough on either side, one person will feel underappreciated and the other will take things for granted. She agreed with me because she said that she views it the same way.
FALL 2014
I asked her about her previous relationship a month ago. She said that she felt like she wasn't getting what deserved and was being mistreated. Whenever she wanted to spend time with her ex, he would always make up excuses not to see her. She found out at some point that he was seeing another girl and she suspected he was cheating on her. Being on college campus, people will find out everything a person does. She broke up with him in tears.
Four weeks ago I asked her where we stand in our relationship. She views me as a close friend and that she wants to keep me in her life. She said that I am everything a girl could ask for and that she wasn't just saying it to make me feel better. She said I have such good qualities that any girl would want and that I have such great potential.
I know that I am doing everything right to my own standards in how I treat her and people in general. At the same time it makes me think, "if I am doing everything right and I am everything a woman could ask for, why isn't it enough?"
All the time we've spent together and conversations we've had have come naturally. Being natural and authentic are big indicators for me that it's right. We still go out and spend time together. We did today.
I care about her deeply but I just don't know where this is leading to.


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  • She might still be in love with the guy that broke her heart. She can't move on unless her heart is healed.

    • She has said to me that he has tried to get back with her and that they talked it out last semester as awkward and stressful as it may have been for her. He hurt her so bad that she actually slapped him across the face twice at the time of what she found out. I know she isn't into him anymore because she wants to avoid being hurt the way she was. I told her she deserves more than that after she explained to me what kind of relationship she was in and she recognized herself that she doesn't deserve to be treated or hurt the way she was.

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