What is the best way to ask for space?

With my boyfriend and I it's generally implied that we spend the weekend together. However, he's been very stressed lately between a sick relative and work among other things and I think alone time would do him well so maybe we should just take a weekend apart. He's at the point where he's been neglecting himself big time to please everyone but himself. How can I tactfully say we shouldn't see each other this weekend without it being taken the wrong way?


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  • Yeah it's a tough problem, I can easily see the guy thinking amongst all his problems now his girlfriend doesn't want to spend time with him, even if it's implied time together beforehand.

    You could offer him suggestions of things to do, with the idea that you'll be busy this weekend.

  • Sometimes strait forward is the best route. Just tell him your burning out and need some time for yourself. If he is an understanding fellow there shouldn't be any problems. If you start lying to him it will only produce problems in the future.


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