Too nervous to get my first kiss?

I ofcourse want to have my first kiss this year with this special guy, but here's the story...
(btw my age on here says 30-35 because I randomly put a year into the age box, I'm really 15)

I went to a high school football game with some of my friends and his, and after the game he pulled me aside behind this shed where like the tickets and stuff are sold while we waited for our parents to come, and we're both flirty people and we were flirting a bit, (note all I had to eat that day were some fries at lunch, I dont know why I just wasn't in the mood to eat) he put his arm around me and stuff. then we got into an awkward pause in the conversation, he whispered "do you wanna kiss?" and I'm like no I feel like throwing up. he tried to move in for a kiss multiple times but I said no each time. I knew the guy wanted to kiss me and boy did I want to too, but I was just too nervous, I tend just to be a nervous person in general... is there a way I can overcome this nervousness?

by the way- the guy and I have been friends for 5+ years, and we've both had crushes on eachother for many years


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  • Suck his dick BEFORE kissing him on the mouth. That will get his mind right. You will control him forever then.


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  • i haven't had mine either and I'm also actually 15 and i get nervous like you too. i think the only way to overcome it is to calm yourself down (easier said than done i know, but its achievable) or become closer with him so you're more comfortable around him

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