Friend zone? What is it? Why do girls end up a really good guy into her so called friend zone?

Hmm... this is very interesting for me. why would a girl feel attracted to a complete stranger but the guy they know inside out?

I mean if you are taking a chance with a stranger then why not with a so called friendzoned guy?

Since when guy who can guarantee his presence when you need it is less attractive than a guy for whom you just guess that he would be there in your downtimes?

How fair is it to a guy who DID CARE to be there, make you smile, buys gift for you to make you feel happy for no reason (when you needed someone the most) to reject over a stranger?

isn't it irony that all sort of definition which defines the friend zone I. e. care, protect, respect, freedom to say anything, go shopping and etc are EXACTLY THE SAME DEFINITION OF A PERFECT RELATIONSHIP.

What is going on a girl's mind then?


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  • My sister who is 4 years older than me friend zones all the sweet, nice guys. Then I feel like they should slap her for wasting their time.

    • I had a girl tell me most girls need their heart broken a few times before they will appreciate the nice guys and sweet guys.

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  • The same reason a guy friendzones a girl.

    People friendzone people they like hanging out with, but just aren't attracted to them physically.

    Don't take it personally. People need to be at least somewhat attracted to a person to take it beyond friends. You might just not be her type.

    • Its not me, it happened to my friend. You know what, love which is not based on (lust) solely on appreance of the person has no type.

      I try to tell my friend that thank god that you didn't waste a second of your life after such a fake love. No life time relationship is perfect, right in the beginning, its all about adjusting to each other.

      I am just angry because she didn't even care to a knowledge my friend for being there when she needed the most. Fucking selfish bitch. She just doesn't know for now as most the girl doesn't know what they are losing.

      There will be billions your type of guy who would be ready to sleep with you but there is usually 1 person who cares to stay with you to support. (Love ain't about feeling asexually, its about doing everything you can do for the other person, sexy is bonus but not at all one of the vital requiments)

      Its exactly what I did for choosing my gf. There are billion girls out there who are MY TYPE.

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    • Hmm.. valid point.. Agreed however does it mean you are going to date a person whom you feel attracted regardless him or her being a douchebag?

      Now it all makes sense to me why there are so many single moms left in misery and yet claim they loved each other. Now It makes sense why by 30 or so women are screaming "where are the good guys?" Or why everyone only wants to sleep with me? Now it all makes sense why women chose to suffer domestic violence.

      Anyway it's none of my business but I do truly wish please god make women little more valuable for themselves so they just don't fall for just about anyone who is JUST bit sexy.

      No my dear, it may be true for 99 percentage would fall for the shit but 1 percent like me will still CARE whom to date? May be I missed bunch of one night stands but I am happy because I chose to treat a woman like anither amazing, graceful and beautiful human being.

      Thanks dear, my pleasure to talk with you. Have a great life.

    • So you're basically saying an attractive person can't be a good person?

      If someone is going to devote their life to someone, they want it to be with someone sweet, caring, nice, and who doesn't physically repulse them. My boyfriend for example, is the nicest guy I've ever met, and he's easy on the eyes as well. So to say a person can't find someone who's nice and attractive is wrong.

      Don't be jaded or get offended. I'm telling you the truth, because I thought you wanted to hear the truth.

  • im sure there are strangers you see passing by that you find attractive who you would love to date. and women you know in your daily lives that you aren't so excited about and wouldn't want to date.

    just because you are nice to us doesn't mean we want to date you. sometimes there is no chemistry or attraction. if i was a guy, i wouldn't do all that for a girl trying to get her to like me. if she likes you she is gonna like you in the beginning. you're just trying too hard

  • Just because a guy is into a girl, and does everything he can to get her, doesn't mean the girl is going to like him back. I just straight up tell the guys that I'm not into them. If they wanna be friends sure, you know, but they have been rejected so they should stop bitching about the friendzone. Seriously, just get over it, girls are not obliged to date you just because you think you are the perfect boyfriend.

    • Same argument applies the other way when a girl gets rejected she should not bitch about the friend zone either and get over it because men are also not obliged to date every girl because she thinks she is perfect either.

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    • @Applefan1

      I completely agree, I don't think gender has anything to do with it. It's the same for both men and women. I'm not sure why you felt the need to say this though...

    • Well... I felt you thought that it was only men that need to get over it so I was just making the point it is both but if you think that all ready then that is fine. Haha That is all...

  • You put yourself in the friend zone. Don't blame the other person. If you don't have the balls to do anything about you liking the girl then that's your fault, not hers. (using "you" subjectively)

    • Honey, what more a guy can do than asking her out? The very basic question is why would any guy or girl would want to be super nice to you for just being friends? Its not that the other party has no responsibility at all.

      You tell me, some guy is being extra nice to you and you would think its only because he wants to be friend with you? Like come on, of course the party KNOWS what's going on. Its just like taking an advantage of that comfort as much as you can possibly exploit it.

      Its not a rocket science to find out the true feelings of a person who is being EXTRA NICE to you.

    • I've heard it before! A young woman is puzzled about a man and she thinks to herself:

      "He calls me "beautiful" and he treats me so very well! What could it mean?"

      Talk about clueless! Are women really that dense?

  • In my opinion as a girl I don't want to lose his friendship if something bad happen to us as a couple, Friend Zones are like the secure circle, I didn't Friend zone someone but if I should to chose between my best friend and stranger I would chose Stranger because I would like to keep my BEST FRIEND beside me for ever plus some guys if they get FRIEND ZONED they think it's the end but actuality for me I love when a guy make the first move even if it was my BEST FRIEND if you don't want to be FRIEND ZONED so just make the first move it's can cut a lot of thing :3

  • dude, I just went out to buy some protein powder for a great dude who doesn't even like me. Both sexes get friendzoned.

    • Yeah exactly the truth. I understand that. The question is why?

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    • Lmao why you would do that haha

    • @Baegai because he has a girlfriend? And I ended up finding another guy who wants a relationship with me anyways.

  • They don't like them that's why they put on friendzone to no be rude


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